Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K Summary for November and December


C4K #7

"Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santoli" talked about education in another country, and I replied,  "It is great to see how education is in another country. It is interesting to see how things are changing. I can relate to the education system in Ireland. They hold education to a high standard just as I do. School and my education mean a lot to me. Not just to get a degree and finish school, but to learn from everything I do and incorporate it in my career!"

C4K #8

"Alex" talked about and explained the history of the birthday song, and I replied, "I enjoyed reading your post!  I did not know this is where the birthday song came from.  Thank you for sharing this information!" 

C4K #9

"Matthew" talked about the holiday of Halloween, and I replied, "I enjoyed reading your reflection of what all you done in the month of October. It sounds like you had a great and fun time. Halloween is a great time of year to do many different things. I use to love to scare people. Actually, I still do. Thanks for sharing!"

C4K #10

"Karley" talked about the ways people express themselves, and I replied, "We, all humans, express ourselves in so many ways. It can be through our feelings, attitudes, and/or emotions. I have many family members and friends that can tell when something is wrong or when something is good. Sometimes in situations, it is good just to have someone to realize how we are feeling and understand our emotion."

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