Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Assignment #13

Back To the Future

Brian Crosby

Brian Crosby's Back To the Future "video" was incredible. I only hope I can be as great a teacher as he is. There is not a single student who cannot learn something. Mr. Crosby says we must take our narrow curriculum and bring it to the 21st century. He took students who did not even know what city they lived in to creating blogs and projects that have been seen by people all over the world. I think we, as future teachers, must go “outside the box” to reach some of the disconnected students we will encounter. A 21st century teacher must teach the 21st century skills that are needed for students today in a 21st century classroom. Mr. Crosby demonstrates this in a fabulous way. The “High Hopes” lesson was incredible. These students were connected to the world through this project. The science and language arts lessons that were learned through hands on experiments are so encouraging to me as a future educator. Mr. Crosby also gave me a new motto: CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION=PASSION!

A Vision of Students Today

A Vision of Students Today

This video "A Vision of Students Today" voiced the opinion of every college student in America. We spent hours a day in classrooms, studying, working, or completing projects on information we probably will never use again. The education system needs to undergo drastic changes. The technology that is available to us today is valuable and needs to be used. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, blogs, and countless other technological wonders could provide countless resources not only to college students but to younger students as well.

I think this video should tell a university president that if this is the atmosphere they are creating for their students then they are failing. When a teacher assigns reading that only 5% of the class completes what is the point. Those students will probably still pass the class. A diploma does not give a grade point average it gives a degree. Most professors do not even know who their students are much less if they are prepared or even in class, and what’s worse is that they really don’t even care. I know there have been many positive advances in education over the last few years, but are these changes enough? The video was right ‘’we did not create the problems, but they are our problems.” Are we going to fix them now, or let are children’s generation deal with the same failures we deal with everyday. I vote for changes now.

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